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6 Tips on Canadian News Today You Can't Afford To miss

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Rudolph Pogue спросил 11 месяцев назад

As 2021 comes to a close, it’s worth looking back at the major world news events that have unfolded over the past year. Despite the ongoing pandemic, there have been many significant developments in politics, economics, and society around the world. Here are just a few of the highlights:

COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic continued to dominate headlines in 2021. The year began with the rollout of vaccines in many countries, bringing hope that the end of the pandemic might be in sight. However, new variants of the virus appeared, leading to renewed lockdowns and travel restrictions in many countries. In the second half of the year, some countries started to lift restrictions as vaccination rates increased, but concerns remained over the potential for further waves of the virus.


The withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan was another major news story in 2021. After nearly 20 years of military intervention in the country, the United States began to withdraw its forces in the spring. However, the Taliban quickly began to retake control of the country, and by August they had seized control of the capital, Kabul. The chaotic scenes of people trying to flee the country dominated news coverage for weeks, and many people were left wondering what would happen next.

Climate Change

The issue of climate change continued to be a major concern in 2021. Extreme weather events, such as floods and wildfires, were reported in many parts of the world, and scientists warned that the world was on track for catastrophic levels of warming unless drastic action was taken. The United Nations held a major climate summit in Glasgow in November, where leaders from around the world pledged to take action to reduce emissions and protect the planet.

Global Economy

The global economy was also a major Canadian News Today story in 2021, as many countries struggled to recover from the impact of the pandemic. Supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, and inflation were just a few of the issues that businesses and consumers had to contend with. In addition, governments around the world continued to debate how best to support their economies, with some advocating for increased spending while others called for austerity measures.


Politics remained a source of controversy and contention in 2021. In the United States, the Democrats retained control of the presidency and both houses of Congress, but faced challenges from Republican politicians who opposed their policies. In Europe, populist parties continued to gain ground, particularly in countries such as Germany, France, and Italy. In addition, tensions between major powers such as the United States, China, and Russia continued to simmer, with issues such as trade, human rights, and cybersecurity causing friction.


These are just a few of the major news stories that dominated the headlines in 2021. As we look ahead to the coming year, it’s clear that many of these issues will continue to be major concerns for people around the world. The pandemic is likely to remain a major challenge for some time, while issues such as climate change, political instability, and economic uncertainty will also require careful attention from policymakers and citizens alike. Despite the many challenges we face, however, there are also reasons for hope, as people come together to tackle these issues and work towards a better future for all.