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Five Action Movies With A Surprising Sense of Humor

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Ryder Ohara спросил 11 месяцев назад

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Of course fans go to see action movies primarily to witness the non-stop, death-defying thrills involved with such movies, but some action movies have made a deliberate attempt to provide a counterpoint to all that action, in the form of some comic relief.
The strategy makes good sense, because it's hard to maintain the thrill-a-second strategy in a movie, without allowing the viewers to catch their breath occasionally. Here are five action movies that are notable for the humorous dialogue included in the films.

Independence Day There was plenty of action and plenty of humor in this movie, which turned out to be a huge box-office attraction, and a major starring vehicle for actor Will Smith. Smith as a matter of fact, provided much of the humor in the movie, especially during his encounters with the aliens invading earth.

There was also plenty of humor from scientist Jeff Goldblum and his father in this movie, which consistently maintained a good balance between action and comedy. Raiders of the Lost Ark This is one of those action movies which can now be regarded as a classic, but it was one of the first movies which literally seemed to contain non-stop perils that Indiana Jones was obliged to extricate himself from.

In between each new danger, Indiana managed to find time to provide some clever quips and sarcastic humor which made the movie more appealing, and the Indiana Jones character more endearing to audiences everywhere. Big Trouble in Little China The plot of this action movie centers around Kurt Russell as a truck driver who gets caught up in a kidnapping.

There is plenty of martial arts action which is fun to watch, and there's also some very funny dialogue in the movie between Russell and his Asian antagonists. At times, the dialogue gets a little cheesy, but that was intentional, and the movie remains great fun to watch for both its humor and its action sequences.
Terminator Actually, the entire catalog of Terminator movies follow the same successful formula of providing lots of action scenes, interspersed with plenty of one-liners which are meant to be remembered and repeated endlessly.

The funny lines are made even more humorous because they're usually delivered by Arnold Schwarzenegger in his deadpan style, and at critical moments in the films. In 'The Terminator', Schwarzenegger first introduced this movie style which all the other films in the franchise have copied, and which have helped make the series very successful at the box office.

The Dark Knight The action in this Movie Online Streaming from the Batman franchise has been described as proceeding at a dizzying pace, which is a fair assessment. It was also acclaimed for the fantastic performance of Heath Ledger as the The Joker, who provided dark humor throughout the movie, as well as being involved in many of the most frenetic action sequences.

Arguably the best of the Batman movies, this film will be remembered as one of the great action movies involving superheroes, as well as one which was sprinkled throughout with very dark, almost black, humor.

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