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Sri Lanka- A popular tourist destination — Articles Factory

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Visitors have to buy a ticket to enter and discounts are offered for students and families. For these, our believers, of course, hiding it in a museum doesn’t fulfil their desire.»

LAGOS, May 17 (Reuters) — At the National Museum in Lagos, workers carefully remove rust and patina from Igbo-Ukwu Bronze artefacts, part of restoration work on some of Nigeria’s oldest but lesser known collections.

Cher Ami, a Black Check cock carrier pigeon, was one of 600 birds used by the U.S.

Army in France during WWI.

Beirut National Museum… An open book for the important stations of Lebanon’s history to tourists

Beirut National Museum

Beirut National Museum

Thanks to my cousin, otherwise it would have remained unexplored for my misconception regarding museums. The museum is home to eleven National Treasures, all of which can be found on display.

There are several permanent displays like the Singapore History Gallery, and a series of Singapore Living Galleries on a variety of subjects such as food, fashion, and photography; as well as a series of temporary exhibits.

It was destroyed in World War II as US forces recaptured the capital from Japanese occupation forces, and rebuilt in 1946.

The heroic pigeon saved the lives of the 194 surviving soldiers of the ‘Lost Battalion’, carrying a message to American artillery operators who had been accidentally bombarding them that revealed their location and demanded an urgent end to the barrage.
Cher Ami has been immortalised in the Smithsonian since.

All such things give an insight into the history of Africa. This is the moment when Finland’s party-loving prime minister Sanna Marin came face to face with a sculpture of herself in a raunchy dancing pose.

From the 40,000 items in the collection, there is also a wealth of modern items related to apartheid era.

Got to know that the museum preserves around twenty thousand works of Indian and foreign origins. I also gained a lot of knowledge about India, its civilizations, art and culture of different regions of India.

Felt very nice to see the unseen things which I wouldn’t have seen anywhere.

The artefacts from the first and second world wars at display include resistant fighting vehicles, medals and uniforms.

Some of them are only one of their kinds left in the world.

And, very often, he would leave aspects of the underlying original compositions still evident to a viewer who was looking very closely,’ she said.

All these are beautifully kept in the museum premises.
I was so long been missing an important element of Delhi. ‘As he developed a composition, he would paint out certain elements, or transform them into new compositional details.

The sequined shoes — indelibly associated with the character Dorothy clicking them together and saying repeatedly, «there’s no place like home» — were stolen in 2005 from the Judy Garland Museum in the actress’s hometown of Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

Visitors should note that while they are allowed to photograph the exhibits they are prohibited from using a flash.
Filming is also not allowed.

We just had no idea how we passed several hours looking minutely the various things and exploring every part of the museums.

The varied display of the ancient things represents the rich past very wonderfully.

Peaceful and tranquil all year round, the park is an urban oasis with water lilly laden ponds and towering trees with plenty of shade.

Sultan Park on the other hand is a lush open garden which is the capital city’s premier leisure park for locals and visitors alike.

Lined with tropical blooms and rolling green lawns ideal for picnics and walkways ideal for joggers are also found at the locale which lies just opposite the Islamic Centre.

Kurumba Maldives is the ideal lodging option for the leisure traveller in search of an ideally located luxury Maldives island resort.

Lying on a tropical island on the North Male atoll, this exceptional Maldives resort seeks to grant its guests the ultimate Maldives holiday experience.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters: «This concerns a large number of believers in our country, for whom this is a very sacred object.