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How to Choose Denim Shorts

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Those who love a good pair of jeans will also love a pair of denim shorts.

Denims are the foundation of most men's wardrobes, given its versatility, practicality, and the huge range of styles it's available in. But summers can be sultry, and denims can feel uncomfortable due to its robust nature. The alternative? Denim shorts.
Shorts made of denims mimic the same qualities of jeans, but are more comfortable due to its length. After years of scaling up and down the fashion ladder, denim shorts are officially back in vogue, with a variety of colours and styles (think chino shorts).

This year denim shorts are particularly in style, combining all the goodness of jeans and the comfort of shorts. Need help deciding how to buy men's denim shorts and style them right? Here's a guide to get you started… The Fit Shorts are meant to be comfortable, and are therefore on the looser side.
To make sure they fit you right, get a pair in a regular fit- not too tight, not too loose either. Denim is less comfortable than cotton, merchprint.ru but it's stretchy in nature and helps in movements. If you're on the shorter side, find a pair that ends a few inches above the knee, or even shorter.

But if you're tall, consider getting a pair that is long enough to avoid it riding up all the time. Lean and skinny men should keep the fit snug, while heavier men should go for a regular fit (not too loose) for a casual look. The Colour 9 months ago Like jeans, denim shorts come in different colours.
The most popular, and basic, colours are black, grey, blue and khaki. While there are some who like to experiment, the majority will stick to colours they wear their jeans in. Blue is the most commonly worn denim shorts, and the lighter shades add great texture and depth to an outfit.

They look best with a plain white T-shirt. Black is the more neat and formal colour, the choice of monochrome enthusiasts. Whether you wear it with a dash of colour or with plain t-shirts, black goes with everything and looks great too. And for those seeking a middle ground between blue and black, there's grey.
Like black, it goes with just about anything, and looks cleaner than the age old blue. The Style The huge number of styles denim shorts come in deserves a separate article of their own! Once frowned upon, denim shorts have now become very popular, and look appealing when it's fitted and snug.

Shorter shorts are more in style these days, so go for one if you feel comfortable (and have the legs to flaunt). There are denim shorts for men with printed upturned hems, which have become quite a trend lately. Cut-off jeans with a frayed hem are also a popular option. With so many options, the wearer is surely spoilt for choice.

Denim shorts can be worn with just anything- shirts, tees, hoodies, even blazers and jackets. When you want to channel some cool street style during summer, look no farther than a pair of denim shorts to kick start your outfit with.

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