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R4i Card is The Best of The DS Slot-1 Flash Cards

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Faustino Papst спросил 1 год назад

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});R4i Card is the best of the DS SLOT-1 flash cards.
It is a unique device as the same size as the original DS cartridge. It has proved itself to be a true media enhancer. Hence it is a must for any DS owner. Now days R4 revolution is popular for describing the effects that occurred due to the launch of R4 device few years down the line.

When you visit the online shop or local shop, you must check out the product features and specifications before buying it. This will help you to know your requirement as well as the validity of the product. If you want to gather all the details about r4i then DSi R4.com is the ideal place for that and will enhance your knowledge about R4 DSi flash card for the Nintendo DSi etc.

one such fact is that unlike normal R4 DS card,R4 dsi shows good compatibility with Nintendo dsi. Lots of manufacturers and sellers are there who are using the same brand 슬롯사이트 name, so be cautious while buying these cards. If you want to make best use of this card then a single installation of firmware is required, and then you can enhance your usage qualitatively. You can play numerous of multimedia files, and games whenever you want.

After buying a R4 DS card, your first task would be to store R4ds game files in a directory. Plug it into the USB port of the computer to place your games, movies and music. You should make effort to save it in a micro SD card. In order to make it more organized, you can make name based folders on their category such as games.
This will help you in easy browsing. However, do not forget to have a backup file so that you do not end up loosing any thing by chance. Newyorknds has the best assortment of , Acekard 2i, R4i, R4i-SDHC, R4DS, R4 DS and Nintendo R4.